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Hi everyone, and welcome to my website. This platform shares a short recap about my current projects and who I am as a person and practitioner. You'll also find  a quick access into my Instagram page by clicking the right hand top corner. 

The ones that are interested on my professional journey, I'll share a quick story on that. The story of me as a coach have had a few important steps, which have made me the coach and the person I am today. The athlete career taught me discipline and resilience. Academics taught me how to integrate theories and science into practice. Being a personal trainer in the early years taught me interpersonal skills and how to approach coaching-process based on individual needs and starting points. The work with youth and development athletes taught me the importance of joy when building the fundamental basis of long-term athlete development. My work with and professional and elite athletes has taught me on how to integrate high-performance practice around a number of internal and external elements and constrains. Therefore, I see that every step so far has been an essential part of the way I think and the person I am today.

I believe that a good leader leads with being an example of himself. Therefore, high daily standards and structure are principles that I stand for. My coaching philosophy starts with four pillars: What, who, how, based on what. In the big picture, I aspire to build individuals that demonstrate resilience on their physiological and psychological abilities, rather than overly aware over thinkers. I like to think that coaching and leadership is like cooking, nothing beats good quality basic ingredients, seasoning either way, lifts the dish or confuses the target.

Lastly, I want to emphasise that life is way more than just training and sports. Physical fitness itself is only one contributor for our happiness and performance. And I am a hard believer that long-term, happy me performs better in every aspect of life. Therefore, time with loved ones and exploring other industries are things that drives me and gives me energy to be better everyday. This project is purely about sharing my thoughts about performance and wellbeing. I hope you enjoy the content. If you have any feedback or particular topic to be discussed, please leave your comment and that will be much appreciated.

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